The Brazilian Association of International Peace Forces of the United Nations (ABFIP-UN), through Dr. Walter Mello de Vargas, honored all Dakila researchers involved in researches and scientific experiments performed in the Convex Earth Documentary with the “Medal Heroes of the Six-Day War “. The Solemnity of Grant gathered diverse Civil and Military personalities, including several Colonels and Commanders.

This was the first time that a group of researchers received this Medal of Merit by ABFIP/UN. The Solemnity occurred on the last Wednesday, June 13th, 2018, in the City Hall of the Capital São Paulo/SP. The event was televised by the São Paulo City Hall and TVCH (Central of Abilities TV).

All the Researchers of Convex Earth – The Documentary who were honored, received Medals, Pins, Ribbon Bar and Diplomas, officiating the recognition for their work in bringing Humanity a fundamental research for science. Being a non-profit initiative, aiming to bring a knowledge without distortions to all people.

In this event, new partnerships have begun, so that we continue to propagate the true science and information about the world we live in.