experiment Santos

Team A: Urandir Oliveira, Alessandro Oliveira, Vanessa Oliveira, Fernanda Lima, Ana Elisa Alencar, Catharina Alencar
Team B: Tatiana Maciel, Alex Oliveira, Eliane do Canto

23°58’13.58″S 46°20’55.83″W

Team A
1 Newtonian telescope 250mm in dobsoniana assembly with viewfinder Crayford
1 Camera Camcorder HD with support for telescope
2 Compass Engineer type Lensatic
2 Notebooks
1 USB GPS Interface
1 Software TrackMaker
1 Total Station Nikon
1 Radio HT UHF
1 Radio HT VHF omni directional antenna 2 dB
1 Radio HT VHF / UHF dual band

Team B
1 engineer Compass Lensatic type
1 HD camrecorder with nightshot
1 GPS Garmin e-Trex
1 UHF Radio HT
1 HT Radio VHF / UHF dual band

1- The telescope was positioned at 60 centimeters from the water level
2- To replicate this experiment, you must take into account the climatic condition. Give preference to perform on days with low air humidity and days with little or no wind, which decreases the formation of waves.