Single Team: Eliane do Canto, Alan Oliveira, Alex Oliveira, Tatiana Maciel, Urandir Oliveira, Alessandro Oliveira, Vanessa Oliveira

Coordinates: Amantani Island Lake Titicaca 15°40’18.28″S 69°42’1.97″W

1 Telescope Newtonian Celestron 150mm on equatorial mount adapted to horizon view
1 video camera NTSC with adaptation to eye
1 digital video capture device Pinnacle
1 Garmin Gps e-Trex
1 Lensatic Engineer Compass
1 Monocle
3 HD Camrecorders with nightshot
2 notebooks
1 USB GPS Interface
1 positioning software GPS TrackMaker
2 Sealed Batteries 12 Volts 7.2 Amps
1 Inverter 12V-110V 350W
1 Inverter 12V-220V 150W
1 underwater Sonar
2 Tripods and Positioners

1- The telescope was positioned at 150 centimeters from the water level
2- To replicate this experiment, you must take into account the climatic condition. Give preference to perform on days with low air humidity and days with little or no wind, which decreases the formation of waves.