Alessandro Oliveira, Vanessa Oliveira, Fernanda Lima, Mauro Dias, Gerson Oliveira

Coordinates: 18°30’24.96″S 45°26’51.28″W

1 NTSC Camera on computerized digital video capture device
1 Gps Garmin e-Trex
1 Lensatic Engineer Kit
1 Monocle
1 HD camcorder with nightshot
2 Notebooks
1 Software de captura de vídeo Virtualdub
1 Software de posicionamento global Trackmaker
1 Pinnacle USB Video Capture Interface
2 Tripods and Positioners
1 Sealed Battery 12 volts 7A
1 Lead-acid battery 12 volts 70 A
1 Radio HT VHF / UHF
1 Radio UHF FRMS
1 Inverter 12V-110V 300W
1 Inverter 12V-110V 400W
1 Switching power supply 5 Volts 20 Amperes
1 Halogen Lamp 100W
1 Halogen Lamp 500W

1- The telescope was positioned at 60 centimeters from the water level
2- To replicate this experiment, you must take into account the climatic condition. Give preference to perform on days with low air humidity and days with little or no wind, which decreases the formation of waves.